Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Playing Catch-up

I know I have been a bad blogger this summer... I cannot seem to find the time to update! Here are a few pictures of Greyson lately....

This is one of his new things... looking under the bed for Ty......

He LOVES swimming!

Greyson and Skyler having fun!

Cleaning up....

......messing up!

being Mama's sweet boy..

BB and T went on a cruise to Cozumel and brought Greyson back this funny hat! He loves it!

Enjoying being outside

I'll have alot of pictures to come.. we are heading to the beach in 2 days!!! Hurry up Thursday!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A shiny new red wagon

This is actually 2 week old news.. but when do I have time to blog these days?!? My time usually spent chasing a 10 month old around the house.. making sure he doesn't tip things over and dig in the dog food... anyway- Chad went to Wal-mart two Sundays ago and brought Greyson home this wagon and he LOVES it! It's not your normal Radio Flyer.. it's got some pretty cool gadgets on it (like a play bench, lots of storage, and cup holders galore!). It has a tarp that goes over it to block the sun too...pretty neat! I swear, if I wouldn't get crazy looks in Jackson, I would take it every time we go (and that's alot here lately!). I swear, I could shop all day and I wouldn't hear a peep....He doesn't look like he loves it in these pics because he was very sleepy and his crazy, picture-taking mama was making him do a photo shoot, when clearly he didn't want to.. thought they were cute anyways......