Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Greyson!

Today was Greyson's 1st birthday party! The party went fantastic and he had a blast! I am soo glad because I am WORN OUT! It was so great to see everybody! We had so many come from out of town today! It was so good to visit and celebrate Greyson's 1st year!

Greyson's birthday cake.. Kay Chipley made it and it was wonderful!
Greyson's own personal cake!


The Landrum's

Garrison and Greyson

The Moore's

He did NOT know what to do!!!

Skyler trying to help him out!

Walking to Aunt Mary!..we sure missed Toby.. :)

My sweet punky

Opening presents.

......Still opening.....

Me and My new ride!

Me and Eli

Skyler enjoying birthday cake

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our Little Man

Gosh! Time flies! I know I haven't been the best blogger for the last few months. By the time I get home, it's time to play with Greyson, eat dinner, get a bath, get to bed, and wake up and start all over again! Especially now that he is WALKING!!! YES, WALKING!!!! Well, taking ALOT of steps! :) It is so sweet to see him toddle around! However, if he really needs to get somewhere he crawls.. he doesn't want to fool with having to try..he just knows he needs to get there fast! Gosh! It is so much fun having a child! Everyone told me the older they get, the more fun they are.. everyday is better than the last. He amazes me everyday.

He had his FIRST chicken nuggets from Wendy's Tuesday night and LOVED them! I felt bad for giving him chicken nuggets and fries to eat for dinner so I topped him off with a nice jar of green beans... (needless to say, he was slightly disappointed)... oh well, it made me feel better!

Saturday is Greyson's birthday party!!!! I cannot believe he is turning one. Where does the time go? Advice to anyone having or just had a baby... enjoy EVERY minute... it goes quick.. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every moment that this year has brought us. God has blessed Chad and I in so many ways.. our biggest blessing is our little man.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Little Stinker

I noticed that Greyson got way too quiet yesterday while I was trying to do some house work... I called his name... nothing. This is what I found when I went into the bathroom.....

.. Lindsey, don't feel bad... at least Harper was eating food when you caught her... mine?
... toilet paper...
I swear I feed him too!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

1st Annual Friend Family Vacation!!!!

All summer we have been waiting for our family trip with our best friends, the Moore's, and it FINALLY came!!! We went to Orange Beach and had a BLAST!!!!! The kids had just as much fun as we did! We had so much fun we decided to go on a trip every year!!!!!

Thursday night: Greyson and SaraBeth waiting at Live Bait to eat supper! Soooo hot!

Friday morning ..getting ready to go to Target then eat lunch at Lu Lu's!

Eating at Lu Lu's for lunch.. (I always heard about Lu Lu's but had never been... I LOVED it!!!) and obviously Greyson did too!!!!!

All of us!!!! :)

After eating at Lu Lu's, we all went back to the condo, the kids took a nap and Lauren and I got to lay out on the beach! It was so nice!
After we were done soaking up the sun, we all went to Foley to shop.

Greyson and SaraBeth were playing in another room and SaraBeth walked out with Greyson's paci!!! It was hilarious!!!! (at least she matched it with her outfit!!!)

Picture of the kiddies...Greyson was not happy.. but I had to post it anyway..

Getting ready to go to Tacky Jack's Saturday morning for breakfast.. then to the beach!!!!

Greyson and Daddy at Tacky Jack's

We were sat at a table near the water at Tacky Jack's.. it was sooo nice!!! and YUMMY!

Heading to the BEACH!!!!

Daddy riding the waves!!! ( He only wiped out once or twice!!! haha!)

Trying out the water......

He LOVED the water!!!!!

....but HATED the sand!!

Luckily we brought a raft.. so we filled it up with ocean water and he LOVED it!

SaraBeth and Greyson playing in the raft.

Mal and Greyson

Greyson and his daddy..
My sweeties..

Mommy and Greyson waiting on a wave!!!

Too cold for Mommy!

After the beach, the kids took a nap, so Lauren and I went back to Foley to shop! :)

Mommy and Greyson were exhausted after our busy day!

Sunday morning.. we packed up and headed home... we were so sad to leave!

Here Greyson is in the cart with all our bags.. we were waiting on the elevator. :(

On the bright side, we did go to The Original Oyster House in Mobile on the way home...
Can't wait til our trip next year!!!!! :)